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Our world today is one where the state of watch-making reflects the profound socio-economic one that touches society as a whole. But it is also one where the “Made in Switzerland” tag still has a profound influence on customers and where “Haute de Gamme” watches are experiencing ever greater demand. For all that and more, Eloga was reborn in 1996 with a wholly new collection of elegant designs. The Eloga tradition of quality and creativity is still in good hands, with production now concentrated on gold timepieces with top quality diamonds and other precious gems. The gold finish, the sumptuous selection of precious stones and their perfect setting as well as the attention paid by each master craftsman to a host of tiny details all go hand in hand to transform inspiration into reality and the watch into a truly elegant timepiece. This is what fine watch-making is all about.

Every Eloga timepiece - be it for evening or gala occasions, town-wear or sporting activities, or be it a special limited edition - benefits from the golden touch of an Eloga master watchmaker.

An Eloga watch is worn with style, shines like a star and holds the pleasure of time!