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Eloga History

The Witness of History

The company began in 1917 when Fritz and Hans Spahr set up a watch-making shop in Lengnau in Berne, Switzerland - an audacious move in the midst of the First World War. During this epoch-making period of history the Swiss watch-making industry continued to gain headway both qualitatively and quantitatively, and the timepieces produced by the Spahr brothers under the name Eloga gained in prestige.

Fritz Spahr junior became managing director after his father retired, and with the support of his uncle he displayed the necessary courage and perseverance required to build a new factory in 1941, in the dark days of the Second World War. Built near the train station in Lenglau, the premises were ultra-modern and met the demands of the increasingly sophisticated manufacturing methods.

It was not long before the younger Spahr’s solid training, professional skills and experience contributed to the growth and diversification of the company’s production of wrist watches. He mastered to perfection artistic and scientific specialised timepieces, from sophisticated and sumptuously adorned ladies’ watches to high-calibre and complex sporting men’s watches.

It was in this era that the trade press named Eloga as one of the leading specialists in sports watches, with the diver’s model receiving particular acclaim. Fritz Spahr junior continued to guide the company with his customary brilliance and foresight until his premature death in 1965.

A Woman at the Helm

His widow, Grety Spahr, next took over the company’s reins, expertly shouldering all her husband’s responsibilities. With the help of daughter Gisela a new day dawned for Eloga watches, with the women offering more feminine and graceful Eloga watches. They ultimately launched the production of luxury watches for a more sophisticated European clientele.

Eloga, the Diamond watch

Allowing their imaginations free rein, the Eloga women designed and created innumerable elegant Eloga watch designs, from diamond-studded brooch watches to bracelet jewellery containing a concealed timepiece. Eloga watches fascinated women across Europe and over the Atlantic and the emergence of infinitely more varied and daring designs garnered many adherents in the prestigious world society. The company moved ahead by using high-grade diamonds and other precious gems. Eloga became acclaimed for its unique collection of jewelled watches, while the longevity and reliability means that an Eloga timepiece is truly of timeless value.